I like that un-saveable isn’t a real word. It shouldn’t be a concept either. But we do think it’s true sometimes–that a certain person (people) are not reachable for Christ, and some mission fields are just not ripe for harvest. It occurred to me that Christ did speak once about it being difficult for someone Read More

More Irony

The only reason I know this is a preying mantis egg case is that we once ordered one. I followed direction precisely but still found a web near the orifice after it opened and assumed few made it out alive. We love preying mantises. They are such a fun, interesting bug. When I grew up Read More


This is a Cat Face Spider. When we first moved to Idaho, I found one in the yard and captured it. I didn’t think anything so ugly needed to live. Don’t get mad, it was right after we were tormented with tales of Hobo Spiders. An aggressive, poisonous spider that lives here. I wondered why Read More