Can brain candy change your worldview

I’ve probably mentioned a before, but I have a friend who calls fiction “brain candy.” There are many different reasons to read, personally, I think a little candy is fine once in awhile — and not just because I write fiction.

Apparently I like the comparison of books to food because we usually make fun of the statement, “At least they’re reading…” by saying “Who cares what your kid shoves in his mouth, at least he’s eating.”

Even if it becomes something you reject–you have ingested it, taken it inside you. Doesn’t that make literature powerful enough to be compared to drugs, not just food?

I never pick up a book because someone says “It will change your worldview.” Too be honest, I’m perfectly fine with my worldview and if I thought it needed to be changed, I would change it already. Just the same, I’m pleased when I find a book that does affect me.

I never have the patience when I find a “teaching novel.” You know, statistics given through dialog and exposition. Blah. After all, if I am reading brain candy (fiction) I want to enjoy it. The story is what matters.

Nadia’s Hope, is a good example of something I read recently which did this. The story is romance and adventure, but there is the underlying event in Nadia’s past which needs to be dealt with. This is the type of Christian fiction I love–real but redemptive.

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