Book Review Subjectivity

I am more likely to try a book based on someone’s suggestion than any other influence.

Of course some people’s opinions sway me more than others. If a reviewer equally loves or criticizes each book they read–where is the scale to judge?

It was not difficult to criticize a book before I started writing, or to be vocal about it. But now I feel guilty. (Probably just because I know someone out there is waiting to rip my future book to shreds.)

Another reason it is hard to give a book review, at least for me, is that my opinion morphs after I have had time to digest the story. Napoleon Dynamite was probably the worst movie I had ever seen, the first time I watched it. A few days later I would start chuckling about it. Then a week later our family began saying lines from the film. (Quoting lines from films is a major recreation in our home.) It wasn’t long before we had to see the film again. Then again…many times.

My opinion on books doesn’t change as drastically, but I do find that I occasionally go back and modify the number of stars I give to books.

This could have anything to with the mood I was in when I finished it, to the underlying theme that needed time to take root.

What unusual factors (beside the story and writing skill) contribute to your enjoyment of a book?

Please share your heart. We learn from each other.