Ignoring the cat poop in the room?

Our Cat Jayne
It’s ridiculous how much I love this cat I didn’t want.

Our cat now comes and goes as he pleases, and I love that he does his business outdoors. But once in awhile, when he was sick, or we go on vacation I’ll pull out the litter box.

I kept smelling cat poop and every day it got worse. Sometimes I’m such a dork.

I would check the litter box, behind the washer, under the shelf… it never occurred to me to empty the laundry room trash.

Sometimes we obsess about the sin we have conquered. (Rechecking the litter box.) But ignore the cat poop in the room.

We boast in our hearts of the sin we no longer deal with — and especially notice others who still struggle. Meanwhile hidden sins (the poop was wrapped in a bag at the bottom of the trash) are stinkin’ up the place.

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