Are Angels Sexy or Scary?

When the kids were really little we had a homemade angel tree-topper. Over the years it fell apart, and while I always think I will find a new one — I am never interested in after-Christmas sales. I can barely tolerate the decorations during the month of December.

So, we started letting the kids chose something or make something each year. (My favorite year was a paper ninja-star wreath.) My oldest complained a few years ago, which just goes to show that one member of the family (OK, Mom) can thing something is romantic or charming and the kids think it’s lame. However, he defended his turn this year and really got into it.

We usually opt for stars over angels — most angels seem to have that blank Twilight-girl stare and are draped in thin sheets. Or they are coquettish like a fairy.

When you realize that most every time one of God’s angels shows up they have to impress the words “Fear Not!” this might be our most accurate year:

Unique tree topper


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