Two weeks ago today a lady slammed into my husband’s Land Cruiser while he was waiting at a stoplight.

The witness said she didn’t hit her brakes. And there were not any skid marks. She hit him hard enough for her plastic sedan to move his FJ62 a car length, and the pickup truck in front of him, shoving both into the SUV in front of everyone. Texting?

I think the hardest thing for him, besides the pain, was that there wasn’t anything he could have done to prevent it. He is a good driver, defensive and alert. But you just can’t protect yourself while stopped.

But God is good. One reason–He thwarted my husband’s plans to get a motorcycle this summer. The story would have a different ending.

Of the things I am thankful for:
my husband’s life
the kids weren’t with him

witnesses who took the time to submit for the police report
the driver was insured
Land Cruisers and all old steel vehicles
Chiropractors and pain meds

Do you have any praises or things you are thankful for in your current trial?


Please share your heart. We learn from each other.