And they’ll know we are Christians by…

I wrote and erased a half-dozen intros today. It’s hard to tolerate all the noise lately. But this is what’s on my heart, and it’s for believers only.

There was a song we sang more than 20 years ago in church. Now, I hear it in my head every time I see people holding signs in parking lots. I hear it during gossip or when people point out how one denomination believes, or doesn’t believe. I hear it chasing the hateful phrase “those gays.” I hear it loudest when the thoughts in my own mind are not love.

It goes like this: “They will know we are Christians by our love, by our love. Yes, they will know we are Christians by our love.”

I’m not a song writer, but I’ve been experimenting with some extra verses. Rather than sing one version and live another, I thought it was time to be honest with how they really know we are Christians.

They will know we are Christians…

by our ability to segregate ourselves for the most menial differences citing verses and personal experience to demean and attack others who have the audacity to wear the same name of Christ when in fact they are nothing more than a cult where we risk becoming infected with ignorance if we let down the guard of our current comprehension.

by our smug callousness holding a sign to show a scared and desperate woman that what she considered as an option is in fact unforgivable by us, the spokesmen of the Almighty, and  if she keeps her baby we’ll deny any kind of aid or assistance because, after all, she did have sex, and the love she was looking for when she did that—she doesn’t deserve.

by our Sunday finery when we stop after church at a place we wouldn’t normally patronize which is specifically inclusive to the LGBT community so we can insult the marginalized, thereby reinforcing the abhorrence we do our duty to represent and they justly expect since it is the only way they’ll learn about sin.

I’m still working on getting it to fit the tune.

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