All the places I’ve run

Hiawatha Trail

signIt has been a very busy summer — mostly in August. I’m running R4HG again and kicked off training this spring in Bend, OR. It was so idyllic to start training that way.

At one point I stopped to take a picture of a swan. (And then she promptly squawked, honked and chased every other bird away.) Not so beautiful.

Times Square

Since then, I also ran in California, Colorado, Nevada  and of course Idaho. I didn’t run when I was in New York, I was too out of my element, suddenly longing for desolation wilderness like I haven’t in years. Besides it takes no effort for me to get lost. But I walked eleven miles in one day looking at everything.

Knott’s Berry Farm

I also saw the Grand Canyon and biked the Hiawatha Trail this summer.

I think we’ll backpack in the Grand Canyon some day, it was so much more than I expected.

I still managed to get a little writing done but not as much as I had planned. However, I was able to visit a setting in my current novel, Northern Idaho. It was even the right time of the year to match my character’s journey — I couldn’t have planned that.

Picture of a picture in the Idaho Historical Museum, Coeur d’Alene
A gun from the 1800s, Idaho Historical Museum, Coeur d’Alene

It was nice to bring Coeur d”Alene to life because it is so different from the mountains of Lake Tahoe.

When I lived in California, we were about 6800 feet above sea level. Northern Idaho is closer to 2200 feet–this makes a huge difference.

Even though it is still mostly pine trees, the ground is moist with ferns and moss. So different from high mountain desert.

The Grand Canyon

I’m in the home stretch though, I expect to finish my historical/martial arts/fantasy by the end of the month… .

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