Against the flow

Whenever you chose to do something counter-culture you have to be prepared in your argument.

Don’t you?

When my mom decided to breastfeed me, she had to sign something at the hospital that basically meant she was aware of the risks–essentially she was going to be responsible for the consequences of choosing not to give me the FDA approved formula. She planned to feed me oh-so-risky mother’s milk.

Born out of that era was the La Leche League and other breastfeeding support groups. Quickly though, these pioneers found a platform and confidence. But have you ever met someone who became obnoxious in their stance? Someone who placed burdens on moms who were physically unable to breastfeed or breastfed so long that…

Same with home school. I cannot count the number of assumptions and clichés there are about those of us who teach our kids at home. Enough that some parents are compelled to practice their argument. Occasionally, we even take the offensive. Reflecting on this with grown home school kids, the description of evil public school (when exaggerated) produces bitter memories.

Be careful in your argument. Kids who are told “parents of public school kids don’t love them enough to sacrifice or aren’t invested in their future,” will uncover this falsehood when they are adults. And they will (possibly) mistrust the true things you told them.

This Sunday, our pastor joked that being a radical no longer meant growing out your hair and smoking dope. He said if you want to rebel against society–stay married.

If we follow Jesus in this way and revolt against our culture, we should have a ready defense, but where do you draw the line of scrimmage?

Please share your heart. We learn from each other.