Kisses from God — After I gave my last dollar away

By Bernadette Kimble

Recently, we overspent with prom stuff and ran out of money. I had $23 left to my name and thought I would use it for a few things like milk and bread until pay day on Tuesday.

When offering came around for missionaries in Ghana, my husband said to put it all in.

I did reluctantly.

Then when I got home I opened the letter from our insurance company that I was sure was just an explanation of benefits. It was that — but included a check for over a hundred dollars that we had overpaid!

God is so good!

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One thought on “Kisses from God — After I gave my last dollar away

  1. TC Avey says:

    Nice meeting you. I found your blog through one of my own blog followers. Look forward to reading more. Seems we have much in common.
    God bless and have a wonderful week.

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