A soft tongue will break a bone

The Niagara of the West: Shoshone Falls in the Snake River Canyon
The Niagara of the West: Shoshone Falls in the Snake River Canyon

I’m not sure what Proverbs 25:15 means when it says this but I picture water eroding rock.

I haven’t blogged much in awhile, each time I thought about it I would see my previous post — and since Saeed is still in prison — I’d lose my desire.

The land of pain between prayer requests and  answers is a foggy, murky swamp. I know because my husband of five years injured his back and couldn’t stand upright for 11 months — couldn’t lift his babies. Our five stages of grief went out of order because we started with acceptance, anticipation even. “What will God do?”

Months later we weren’t so optimistic. A good friend at church approached us, “I’m sorry, I’ve been avoiding you. I want to ask how you are but I can see it on your face.” His honesty was unforgettable and I try not to shy away from hurting people. Even when my prayers are not answered.

We ran a 5K last weekend as a fundraiser for the American Pastor imprisoned in Iran. Endure For Saeed was aptly named. One interesting outcome from the run was that my husband (who has lived with a back injury for 13 years now) actually completed the run. As a result, our whole family has committed to Run 4 Heaven’s Gate. This will be my third year. (Last year’s post.)

Please don’t be discouraged if you are praying for someone in pain or in need. Please don’t be discouraged if you are the one imprisoned. “Through patience a ruler can be persuaded.” Continue to speak softly, and break those bones.

Please share your heart. We learn from each other.