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The Reckoner’s Blade — Dance of the Crane, Part 2

Dark Historic Fantasy

As loss unfolds in the wake of Eldora’s freedom, she discovers unusual capabilities—but they come with a price. Accompanied by the rescued girl, she heads north to find peace and treasure. Only the gold has a map.

Redemption elusive, Eldora begins to train for a new role as Watcher. Yi Bae and his sister contend the nature of that role, each for their own reasons. Angst builds with the struggle to balance longing and duty. But they don’t have much time, Blood Shifters are on their trail.

Second in Dance of the Crane Trilogy, The Reckoner’s Blade traverses northwest Idaho and places hidden in the heart.

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Stone of Asylum — Dance of the Crane , Part 1

Dark Historic Fantasy

While war divides a young nation, Argonauts flood burgeoning territories to the west. Some seek wealth; others seek a magic garnet hidden deep in Idaho caves. Those who to guard the stone’s abilities of eternal life and shapeshifting are called Watchers. There are only two left, and they’ve been separated.

An epileptic seizure wrenches fourteen-year-old Eldora from her father and dooms her to an underground insane asylum.  When she comes into contact with the star garnet something awakens inside, but she does not yet know how it can free her.

With the stone’s power unprotected, counterfeit shifters exploit it to enslave the country. To reunite the Watchers, Eldora must discover her buried power, and learn to trust it in a world of betrayal and obligation.

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 Heart of Petra Cover

Heart of Petra

Romantic suspense with a touch of the supernatural

Leah calls out to God for an adventure, something more than life as the dutiful daughter of a worship pastor. Only, in a church filled with secrets, adventure already waits.

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Sovereign Ground Cover
Sovereign Ground

Romantic suspense with a touch of the supernatural

She found freedom and control over her life by taking off her clothes for money.  But whenever she’s alone, she hears footsteps following close behind. If it isn’t the cop following her, it might be her grandfather’s curse.

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